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Here is a list of 7 best Digital Marketing Certification that will take your career to another world of success. There is no certificate in the world that will boost your skills but the knowledge. The certificate definitely gives you the knowledge but its only practice and continuous learning that develop your skills.

Best Marketing Certifications will give you a powerful career and success. Digital Marketer certifications make him more developed and experienced Marketer in this world. These professional certificates will power-up your resume and give you great exposer and exclusive growth in the marketing Industry.

We are here to help you with complete details about Digital Marketing Certifications. Things to get certified online for Free, List of best Digital Marketing Certification and online marketing Certifications. Free Marketing Courses online with certificate are also available for your better help.

Take a Look at the list of 7  Best Digital Marketing Certifications.

Adwords Search Certification by Google

Among Different Online Certifications, Adwords Search Certification by Google is the core foundation of a Digital Marketer. By this, You will get the benefits of Online Advertising. This is the best platform for focusing on Creating and optimizing search ad campaigns across the search network. It includes tools like Targeting tools, keyword tools, bidding and budgeting tools etc.

The Validity of this certificate is- 12 Months

YouTube Video Certification

Do you want to become pro at YouTube? YouTube Certification program will help you. Like any other certificate in Digital Marketing, YouTube Video certification gives you complete knowledge and a new vision about YouTube.  Youtube certificate will provide about length and depths of the channel creation, Growth, Optimization and about monetization. This certification course is consist of 4 Different Modules.

  • Content Ownership
  • Asset Monetization
  • Channel Growth
  • Content Strategy

The Validity of this certificate is- 18 Months

Mobile Advertising Certification

Marketing certifications always make you advertise your talent and achievements. Same goes for Mobile Advertising Certification. It provides you deep knowledge on following aspects

  • Psychology of Mobile users
  • How to Influence Them
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Targeting Strategies
  • Measuring Performance and conversions.

Mobile Advertising Certificate will let you show your expert skills in mobile marketing.

The Validity of this certificate is- 12 Months

Adword Display Certification by Google

Among many types of Google certifications, Adword Display Certification Gives you Branding Goals. By doing this Course, you will learn to reach different types of the target audience and about different types of display Content with particular demographics.

The Validity of this certificate is- 12 Months

Google Analytics Certification

In the list of Best certifications to get online, Google Analytics is one of the top marketing certifications. This is the best certifications for its professionals. Google Analytics is one of those free marketing certifications that can make you a successful person completely for Google. It has two module courses

  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics

While the Beginner course will teach how to create the account and get a tracking code. The advance Course will give deep knowledge about  Data Collection, segmenting, processing & remarketing.

The Validity of this certificate is- 18 Months

Google Tag Manager Certification

Google Tag manager Certification is one of the best Digital Marketing Certificates. This will teach you about the use of tags on your sites as Misleading tags reduces your site’s performance. Using Effective tags will cut your work and help you achieve target results.

The Validity of this certificate is- 18 Months

Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook is the most used social media platform in today’s era. and Certificate from Facebook is something every Social Media Manager ever dream of. This certificate from Facebook will help you use different types of apps or group of apps to your advantage. All you need to do is, pass the schedules exam from Facebook and get the certification.

The Validity of this certificate is- 12 Months

These were some the main and Best Digital Marketing Certification.


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